What is Emoji Hack?

Hi there, I'm Thomas. I started Emoji Hack as a challenge to create a software or web dev project for every single emoji.

I wanted to make lots of different things and keep track of them in a fun way, so I thought, why not use emojis? Emojis are fun right?

So, for every project I make there is an associated emoji. Sometimes an idea comes first, and then I choose an emoji for it; other times, the emoji itself inspires the project.

There will be a tag on each project indicating whether the idea or the emoji came first.

Why do this?

Well, I did it for a few reasons.

  1. It's very fun.
  2. It's a commitment to creation.
  3. It's challenging.
  4. It's so much fun.

I also hope people see this and it inspires them to build a bunch of stuff.

You can just make things.

Project Areas

programming languagesmachine learningweb frameworkscss frameworksgamesalgorithmsexperimental frontendwebGPUpersonal software toolsbrowser extensions

I'm going to try to keep the max time I spend on individual projects to one week, but will go longer depending on interest.

If you would like to join in the fun go to the source and follow the instructions to clone emoji hack and remove my project data. Then you can start adding your own projects!

Big shoutout to @leeerob. I adapted some of the code from his personal site to return my mdx file data (without using something like contentlayer) and format my project dates.