🎞️Falbulous MiniMovie


Create mini movies from text using fal.ai and ffmpeg-wasm idea



About a week ago, I started to play around with fal.ai's apis.

The goal was to create a storyboard editor that would be used to make mini movies.

Users input the key elements of their story (characters, setting, etc...) and a "scene" is generated.

After generating a few scenes, the user can compile all of them into a mini movie and download it.

I realized quickly that there were a few problems with my idea. First, there was no consistency across the scenes. So, I set the seed for the images being fed to svd. This helped, but the videos were still all over the place.

I added more controls to the scene editor like motion bucket id, conditioning augmentation, steps, and fps controls. These controls let users dial in the motion and quality of videos.

Another problem I ran into was how the quality of the images generated really depended on the descriptiveness of the prompt and users just weren't going to take the time to submit a 200+ word detailed prompt.

To improve the prompts I took the advice of David and added a gpt-3.5 call with the user's scene input and a detailed system prompt.

system prompt"You are a precise Image describer. You help filmmakers create storyboards for short stories. You respond by providing descriptions of single images that collectively tell a story. Your descriptions are precise and descriptive. Collectively they tell the story presented by the filmmaker. You provide between 7 and 10 image suggestions. Providing each on its own line. Each image is self-contained with location, providing all information in a single sentence. Always include location, always show, don't tell, always drive plot. Be quite literal, describe the scene in specifics. Your final scene should imply a dramatic hook or mystery, or the major plot point."

Adding this has improved the image quality / consistency, which in turn has improved the videos. Thanks David!

Not sure where this project is headed, but I'll keep tinkering with it.